March, 2016

1. Grover Cleveland. I've written ten more pages on Chapter 14. The current word count is 49,000, just a little shorter than I would like, but I'll wait until I have a publishing house and see what it wants. Sent off my first book proposal. This month I've been in touch with a very well-informed Grover Cleveland enthusiast and have enjoyed swapping data and ideas. He also plans a book on Cleveland, but fortunately for me he's interested in the mature years, while I'm only interested up to age 24. We still have a lot to share.

2. James Monroe. I've done nothing on Monroe this month.

3. Woodrow Wilson. I finished my report on Woodrow Wilson's Columbia years, which will be a useful starting point if I go deeper into his early life. Being a minister's son who changed colleges after his freshman year, Wilson lived in a number of different places before he entered Princeton. I count six residences in four different localities, as follows: a. Augusta, GA, corner of Ellis and Seventh Streets, until late 1870; b. Columbia, SC, corner of Blanding and Pickens Streets, with the family of George W. Howe, until late 1871; c. Columbia, SC, corner of Plain and Henderson Streets, until September, 1873; d. Davidson College, Davidson, NC, until June, 1874; e. Wilmington, NC, corner of Front and Nun Streets, until June, 1875; and f. Wilmington, NC, corner of Fourth and Orange Streets, until September, 1875. A logical next step for me would be to put together some background on Wilmington.

February, 2016

At 76, I probably have time for just one more book. But just in case, I am working on three presidents right now: Grover Cleveland, James Monroe, and Woodrow Wilson.

1. Grover Cleveland. I'm working on Chapter 14 of a full-sized book. Most of it was written in the years from 2004 to 2010; then I abandoned it for a few years to publish the Harrison and Ford books. This book is not far from finished: I'm hoping by the end of this year. I don't yet have a publisher. At the moment, I've stopped to do some more research on an important part of Cleveland's young life: fishing in the Niagara River.

2. James Monroe. I have two 10-page finished chapters on Monroe's experiences in the Revolutionary War, and a third chapter half written. They all take place in the year 1777, a historic year that began with the Battle of Trenton and ended with Valley Forge. Monroe was personally involved in both. There's an enormous amount of background material to examine, so progress is slow. I'm not sure what to do with these chapters -- use them as the nucleus of a book, or publish them separately. They are on the back burner right now.

3. Woodrow Wilson. I've just become engaged in a project to examine the 3 1/​2 years Wilson spent in Columbia, South Carolina, during Reconstruction -- who his friends were, and how much he was concerned with the social and political upheavals around him. I'm still discovering and locating the source material. The first product will be a research report some time this spring. Probably next I will want to add background and narrative structure to turn it into an article. That would happen later this year.

In coming months, I'll try to keep you informed regularly how each of these endeavors is going.

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