The Presidents' Early Years

The Education of Gerald Ford
Gerald R. Ford and His World, 1913-1935

A Child of the Revolution
The American Revolution created a new nation but destroyed or damaged lives in the process. Young Billy Harrison, a planter's son with his boyhood world in shambles, abandoned the luxury and slavery of Virginia to serve his new country on the frontier, fighting the Indians and at the same time learning about their culture.

The Provincial
Gilded Age America: while cities grew, railroads, labor unions, and immigration changed the face of the country, rural Vermont remained in a time warp, almost unchanged from the colonial era. A shy, studious boy, Calvin Coolidge did not want to leave the only home he knew, the remote mountain farm where everything seemed simple and clean. But his father pushed him...

The Road to Respectability
Starting from poverty, hardship, and manual labor, a boy experiences a religious conversion that sets him on the path to fame. James A. Garfield struggles with religion, ambition, and sex, in a book based mainly on his own diaries. Letters, memoirs and novels paint a vivid picture, from schoolteaching to spiritualism, of what it was like to be young and poor in Ohio in the canal era.

Young Hickory
Pioneers from Ireland in the Carolinas -- the violence, sacrifice, nobility of the American Revolution -- an orphan boy with a scar on his head determined to make a way for himself -- the real story of Andrew Jackson with more detail than any previous biography. Plus a section correcting myths about Old Hickory's youth.

Young Jerry Ford: Athlete and Citizen
Meet the All-American Boy of the 1920s, a handsome, hardworking football captain, whose high-school years revolved around family, team sports, and the Boy Scouts. Jerry Ford grew to maturity in Grand Rapids, Michigan, where the upper class observed Prohibition and the Jazz Age was a distant roar. His only question was the choice of career: athletics or law?

Selected Works

Gerald R. Ford and His World, 1913-1935
William Henry Harrison and his world, 1773-1798
Calvin Coolidge and his world, 1885-1895
James A. Garfield and his world, 1844-1852
Andrew Jackson and his world, 1767-1788
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